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Adobe CS5 CRACK with amtlib.dll

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Adobe CS5 CRACK with amtlib.dll
This is the ultimate way to hack your CS5 applications.

Many of us have been trying the key-generator thats included in most of the CS5 downloads, and everytime you start an application it asks you for the serial number again. This is probably because you are behind a proxy, and when that happens your hosts file is ignored. So even if you patch the hosts file, it doesnt work.

The best way is to replace the amtlib.dll in every adobe software directory. This way you can just download the official software trial from adobe, install with or without any serial, and finaly replace the amtlib.dll for the one i'm posting here.

Thats it.
Enjoy, and please download as free user

Download for 32bits:
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No Password

Thanks to HackMew we now have the amtlib.dll for 64bits instead of the activator

Download for 64bits by HackMew:
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No Password

Here are the links to the same files for Megaupload from HackMew.

Download for 32bits:
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Download for 64bits:
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Remember to always backup the original amtlib.dll before replacing, theres no such thing as 100% secure.

And Finaly the Tutorial:

- Download the applications you want from adobe official web site. I sugest you download the CS5 Master Collection Trial.

- Download and unrar the crack from this topic.

- Go to the folder where you instaled the adobe software, and locate all existing amtlib.dll files. Use search for this.

- Optionaly you can rename or copy the original amtlib.dll to stay as a backup.

- Copy the amtlib.dll file that was inside the rar file, over the existing ones at the adobe aplications folders.

- enjoy.

It takes only some seconds to thanx
Props to HackMew for his contribution.
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