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[FS] Combat Flight Simulator

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Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

[FS] Combat Flight Simulator

2 CD Set

* Fly Eight Historically Accurate Planes
Eight modeled aircraft, each with its own realistic flight models and accurately detailed cockpits. You will experience the real flight performance of each aircraft, and of course damage will affect specific aircraft systems on each plane.

* Realistic Landscapes
The war-torn cityscapes of Berlin, London, and Paris are rendered in realistic detail. Spot, chase, and shoot down your enemies in deadly one-on-one dogfights over famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.

* Add More Aircraft, Missions, and Scenery
Import thousands of aircraft from the Internet or from Microsoft Flight Simulator - strap guns and damage profiles to your planes and fly them into battle in Combat Flight Simulator. Imported planes have firing capability and can be destroyed by enemy fire. Or, bring in your favorite scenery from Microsoft Flight Simulator and experience a dogfight over a modern-day-city.

* Campaigns, Missions, Quick Combat, or Free Flight
Choose your campaign: Battle of Britain or Battle Over Europe. Collect your orders and fly dozens of historically accurate missions involving air-to-air duels with enemy fighter planes and air-to-ground bombing raids. Jump into "Quick Combat" for fast action or go sightseeing around Western Europe in "Free Flight" mode.

* Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Combat Flight Simulator constantly calculates flight stick positions for every enemy plane. Each aircraft is controlled by a sophisticated sighting system that combines realistic fields of view, visual range, and pilot experience level. Expect to face a mix of aces, average pilots, and novices in battle.

* Fly the Real Thing
The realistic flight models, based on Flight Simulator, will challenge pilots to learn the different characteristics of each airplane. The performance of each aircraft has been tested and validated by WWII pilots including pilots of the Ghost Squadron.

* Realistic Damage
Watch fragments fly off your enemy's plane as he plummets to earth in a spin - you'll see white smoke from a damaged coolant system, black smoke from burning oil, and debri from explosions that feature accurate radii. Use evasive moves to avoid enemy fire or flying pieces of shattered planes, which can cripple aircraft systems and flight controls.

* Detailed, Historically Accurate Cockpits
The instrument panel in each aircraft is modeled after its real-world counterpart, including metric gauges on the panels of the German planes.

* Force-feedback support
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator will use the industry standard technology and build on the success of this feature in Flight Simulator 98.

* Multiplayer Support
Compete or cooperate with up to eight other pilots in WWII over the Internet or on the MSN Gaming Zone at

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[FS] Combat Flight Simulator

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[FS] Combat Flight Simulator

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