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Incest - Mothers and Sons <--

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Could I Be a Milf

Incest - Mothers and Sons <-- Incest - Mothers and Sons <--

Levi was on the phone with his friend, talking about the hot, older neighborhood ladies, when Mother walks by and listens in. What are these MILFs she everyone keeps talking about? She decides to find out for herself!

"Levi, what are these M I L Fs you guys keep talking about?" Mother innocently asks. "You mean MILFs" he jokingly responds, chuckling at her ignorance. His friend on the phone wants him to tell her. Levi can't, so he hands <!--more-->the phone to Mother. When she hears the explanation, she is shocked.

"So these are mothers you want to .. have sex with?" She asks abruptly. Levi goes on to tell her that these older women are hot, and know how to take care of themselves.

"Could I be a MILF?" Mother timidly asks. "I take care of myself and I am always put together" she continues. "It's not just that" Levi answers, "There's more to it then just how you dress. There is a certain attitude."

Motherknows she wants to find out more, so that day she spends researching MILFs on the internet, and taking notes. By the end of the day, she thinks she has it down!

Levi comes home, tosses his keys down and picks up his phone and the remote. He settles down on his bed, and starts watching the game when Mother enters the room. This time she is dressed a bit more provocatively. "So is this more of what a MILF would wear?" She asks, showing him her tight jeans. "Or if I wanted to be really bad, I could take down these jeans and wear this as a top!" Motherslips out of her jeans so only her top is on as a short dress. "That's a good start, but I don't think you are getting it" Levi still dismissively answers.

"I think I might have one more idea" Mother responds, then disappears for a minute. When she returns, Levi is shocked! Mother is standing in the door with a sheer robe, then lets it drop to the floor to revel a matching set of garters, bra and stockings. She slowly moves to the bed as the shocked young man can barely hang up the phone.

"So is this what a MILFwould wear?" Mother asks, provocatively climbing up on the bed "And I suppose a MILF would start doing things like this" as she runs her hands up his thighs and into the legs of his shorts. The young man jumps as Mother hand reaches his penis!

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Incest - Mothers and Sons <--

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